About Us


The purpose of Reading, Writing, It's Exciting! is to help kids get better at writing and reading. We work closely with schools, so that teachers hand pick the students who need our help the most. Each year, Reading, Writing, It's Exciting!:

  • Teaches children how to write a story with their own ideas. As the kids are having fun using their imaginations, they’re also learning how to write good sentences (filled with details, proper spelling, and punctuation).
  • Brings out the creativity in kids with fun imagination games.
  • Provides mentors to help children write their own stories.
  • Helps children read their story out loud in front of a group.
  • Gives kids the opportunity to read their own creative stories in front of their families and friends at special reading events -- and then watch as professional actors bring their stories to life!

Click Videos to see the actors performing our kids' stories at a Barnes & Noble bookstore.

Click Gallery to see photos from our events.


  • Distilled Productions
  • Wings of Hope Productions


  1. Stephen Kogon
  2. Munya Kanaventi
  3. Torre Catalano
  4. Stephanie Beard
  5. Nathan Cannon
  6. Jeneve Nunez Kanaventi
  7. Rachael Klinger
  8. Jonathan Naudi
  9. Kate Moon


  1. Matt Nix (Creator of TV series "Burn Notice" on USA and "The Good Guys" on Fox)
  2. Jennie Lew Tugend (Film producer)
  3. Jane Park Smith (Actor / model / former Ms. America and Miss Asian America)
  4. Nichole Stevenson
  5. Zach Callison (Actor - Disney's "Sofia The First")
  6. John Richo (Culver City government official)
  7. Bill Thompson (Executive Director of The Young Storytellers Foundation)
  8. Patricia Godon-Tann (recently retired elementary school principal  - with 30 years experience as an educator, most of that time at inner city schools)
  9. Daria Saeedi (Writing Mentor / Parent Volunteer)
  10. Lisa Kingsley (Director of the Diabetes Explorer Educational Foundation)
  11. Scott L. Schwartz (Actor / Director)
  12. Preity Uupala (Actress / Entreprenuer / Activist)
  13. Aleksandra Kulmaticki (Executive Director| The Souma Group | J.P. Morgan Securities)


      1. Vontavia Heard (Junior at Los Angeles Adventist Academy)

Reading, Writing, It's Exciting! Is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Anything you donate is tax-deductible. Any amount and type of donation will help us run the RWE program and expand to other schools. Thank you!