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We're very excited to be part of this effort! To donate to this fundraiser, hit the donate button and in the notes, mention which dance studio you are donating to. You can also email us the name of the dance studio.

To learn more about the inspirational movie,
DANCE BABY DANCE, please visit their website




Google One Today project

Google has invited us to be a part of their One Today project, which is an app that brings together people and nonprofits through the simple act of giving $1.

To learn more about it and to see our project on their site, click HERE and then pick the "Literacy for at-risk kids" option.


1000 for $5 Challenge

The challenge is to get 1000 people to donate $5 dollars to help us work at Dolores Huerta Elementary School.

Number so far: 23

Dolores Huerta Elementary
260 E. 31st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90011
Only 35% reading and writing proficiency

How will we help them?... We teach the kids how to how to use their imaginations to write stories. As they're having fun with that, they're learning how to become better readers and writers.

Our past students have all shown improvement in spelling, sentence construction, and reading comprehension, and 75% had written stories that graded out as proficient. The other 25% showed improvement over the ones they wrote at the beginning of the program.



For those who might want a more personal involvement, we're offering a way for you to sponsor one of the kids in our program. For $100 (which is $4.54 per classroom session), you will receive:

* weekly updates on what your sponsored child has written
* Any illustrations they've done for their stories
* A handmade thank you card
* An invitation to see their story acted out at Barnes & Noble event (and meet the child
there pending their parents getting them there)

For more info on this, contact



100% of the proceeds in our STORE go to our program!




Reading, Writing, It's Exciting! is dedicated to enriching the lives of all members of our community, whether the volunteers, the children we teach, or parents. We believe that there is a mutual exchange of education and appreciation that occurs when volunteers share their time and talent with children who need the extra help in learning reading and writing. Through one-on-one mentoring, the volunteer experiences the power of giving, and the child experiences the power of their own artistic journey. Most importantly, increased literacy skills among children paves the way for a better society.

So, if you or anyone you know wants to help, please feel free to contact us.


Children who participate in Reading, Writing, It's Exciting! learn through hands-on experience with reading and writing. Therefore, we are always looking for new and unused books (2nd grade level), colored pencils, writing pencils, erasers, wide-rule notebooks, paper, two-pocket folders, and stickers. All gifts can be mailed to 5651 Sumner Way, #308, Culver City, CA 90230.


Reading, Writing, It's Exciting! is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so anything you donate is tax-deductible. Any amount and type of donation will help us purchase learning supplies and continue administrative efforts which keep the Reading, Writing, It's Exciting! program operating. Your gift will help Reading, Writing, It's Exciting! expand to other schools. Thank you!