Literacy Stats

- Research has shown that students who are not reading and writing at grade level by the 3rd grade fall further and further behind their classmates, and rarely ever catch up. (The Annie E. Casey Foundation)

- Furthermore, the numbers have shown that 50-80% of these kids who can't read or write eventually drop out of high school, are unemployed, commit crimes, or join gangs. (The Washington Literacy Council)

- According to the LAUSD School Accountability Report Card, only 41% of elementary school children are proficient in writing and reading.

- The Washington Literacy Council's research also shows that more than three out of four of those on welfare, 85% of unwed mothers, and 68% of those arrested, are illiterate. About three in five of America's prison inmates are illiterate.

We're hoping by reaching kids early, they won't be a part of these statistics.

Literacy is not just about future crime prevention ... it's also about future job creation. If kids are able to read and write at an effective level, it'll open up so many more job opportunities for when they're adults.

So giving children the gift of literacy today means they'll have a better future tomorrow!