These are videos from our most recent event at the Grove Barnes & Noble on June 2, 2012. The Actors: Ciera Payton, Heidi Schooler, Kiki Shepard, Kirk Zipfel, Zach Callison, Norm Thoeming, and Kimberly Irion




These are videos of the performances of our kids' stories at Barnes & Noble in June 2011. Thank you to all the actors for making both days so special!

Narrator: Mark Christopher Lawrence from NBC's "Chuck"
Actors: Tanya Chisolm, Valery Ortiz, Zach Callison, Nancy La Scala


Actors: Matthew J. Evans, Catalina Rodriguez, David Fralick, Jennessa Rose, Danika Yarosh, Derek Bloom, Scott L. Schwartz, Kirk Zipfel




4/19 The drawing for the winner of the RWE 50/50 raffle. Congratulations Latrice Virola!